Tuesday, September 18, 2012

$linq, a .NET Linq to Objects for JavaScript script (i.e. LINQ for JavaScript)

Ginktage - $linq – A Javascript LINQ library v1.0 Released

A few days back, $linq v1.0 was released which is now available for download from codeplex website.

$linq is a Javascript version of .NET’s LINQ to Objects and implements most of the corresponding .NET LINQ to Objects methods like select , select many, where, order by, distinct, group by, join, except etc.

$linq also implements some of the methods that are inspired by MoreLinq and can work with arrays and JQuery collections


$linq - A Javascript LINQ library

Project Description
$linq is a Javascript version of .NET's Linq to Objects, with some query operations inspired by MoreLinq (an extension to Linq to Objects).

What is $linq?

$linq is an implementation of .NET Linq to Objects for Javascript. It implements most of the corresponding .NET Linq to Objects methods. It also implements some methods inspired by MoreLinq (http://code.google.com/p/morelinq). $linq will work with arrays and jQuery collections. $linq can also generate values from a numerical range, as an item repeated a given number of times, and from RegExp match results.

Some of the Linq to Objects methods implemented

  • select
  • selectMany
  • where
  • orderBy
  • thenBy
  • distinct
  • groupBy
  • groupJoin
  • join
  • except
  • union
  • intersect
  • take/takeUntil
  • skip/skipUntil


More LINQ is good LINQ! And I have to see it's cool-weird to see it in Javascript...


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Brett Kim said...

$linq is an implementation of .NET Linq to Objects for Javascript which explain very well in this post by author.