Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"3 surefire ways to glue your audience to their seats without Krazy Glue, hot glue or Mod Podge" Free Teleseminar

Speak Schmeak - 3 surefire ways to glue your audience to their seats without Krazy Glue, hot glue or Mod Podge

I hear this time and time again from clients, from audiences, from strangers who find out I'm ac...

"How do I get the audience's attention and keep it?"

They may say it in slightly different ways, like "I'm afraid of boring the audience," or "I wish I could get the audience excited and motivated to participate," or "How can I make a greater impact on my audience?"

But they all mean the same thing:

In a world where audiences are faced with more distractions than ever (When's lunch? Who's picking up the kids from soccer? I forgot to call the vet. I love her shoes. Oooh, there's a text from my BFF!), keeping their focus has gotten harder and harder.

But when you have the skills and know the tricks to keeping your audience's attention... and getting it back again every couple of minutes... your presentations will go from *blah* and *so-so* and *what did he say?* to fun, memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.

You want to give the kind of talk where time flies and the audience is disappointed it's over so soon, instead of the kind where they're looking at their watches wondering "How much longer?"
But how do you learn these skills? It's not like there's a dedicated public speaking class just focusing on engaging the audience in your neighborhood.

Oh wait... There IS!
"3 Surefire Ways to Glue Your Audience to Their Seats Without Krazy Glue, Hot Glue or Mod Podge" is my upcoming FREE teleseminar on engaging the audience. You can access the call from the convenience of your home or office.


Join me on my call and learn some of my best secrets, like:

* How the title of your presentation can make or break your audience's trust
* 7 guaranteed ways to *lose* the audience's attention, even if you already had it
* And the #1 thing you can do better to engage your audience from start to finish.

It's happening:
Thursday, September 20
1:00 pacific/4:00 eastern


I saw that my favorite public speaking coach was giving this free teleseminar and besides signing up myself, I thought I'd share it with you all. I mean we all can't be a Scott Hanselman now can we? AH! But we can! We just need practice and maybe some professional advice [Insert Coach Lisa plug here]...

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