Friday, September 21, 2012

TroutZoom, your Visual Studio Document Window zoom consistency'izer (The one zoom level to rule them all...)

Visual Studio Gallery - TroutZoom

This extension manages the zoom levels for the code windows. When the zoom level is changed in one document, it gets changed for other open documents and any new documents that are opened.

The default behavior in Visual Studio is to have the document zoom managed per window, with zoom for each new window opened set at 100%.  This extension synchronizes the zoom level across all windows and any new window.  The settings are saved for future sessions of Visual Studio.

This can be useful for presenting code, allowing users to change the font size using the shortcut 'CTRL+,' or 'CTRL+.' to zoom smaller/larger respectively. 

It's also useful for fonts that are designed to be a certain size and don't scale well.


  • Updated to work with the document that is the selected item in the Solution Explorer.
  • ...

This looks like a great tool for presenters

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