Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Cool eBook of the Day: "Single page apps in depth"

Single page apps in depth

This free book is the book I would have wanted when I started working with single page apps. It's not an API reference on a particular framework, rather, the focus is on discussing patterns, implementation choices and decent practices.

I'm taking a "code and concepts" approach to the topic - the best way to learn how to use something is to understand how it is implemented. My ambition here is to decompose the problem of writing a web app, take a fresh look at it and hopefully make better decisions the next time you make one.

Update: the book is now also on Github. I'll be doing a second set of updates to the book later on. Right now, I'm working a new lightweight open source view layer implementation, which has changed and clarified my thinking about the view layer.


I'm not currently much in the web dev world, but I like the idea of SPA's (Single Page Applications) and so found this online eBook interesting...

(via The Morning Brew - The Morning Brew #1216)

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