Friday, October 12, 2012

LAPD endeavors to help Angelenos view the Endeavor's last journey...

LAPD - Plan Ahead for Shuttle Endeavor

Metro Rail Service on Saturday October 13th

  • Expo Line (7th/Metro Center to Culver City) will run every 6 minutes from 2p.m.-11p.m. (Regular Saturday service ends at 2a.m.)
  • Red & Purple Line Subway (Red: North Hollywood to Union Station; Purple Wilshire/Western to Union Station) will run every 10 minutes with longer trains.  (Regular Saturday service ends at 2a.m.)
  • Gold Line (Pasadena to Downtown LA / Union Station to East LA)
  • Will run every 10 minutes with longer trains (Regular Saturday service ends at 2a.m.)
  • Additionally, we will be deploying staff at key locations to assist riders with paying fares and providing   directions.  
  • Metro recommends passengers buy a $5 day pass Tap Card if using multiple lines on this date.



This is THE new of the day and weekend for Los Angeles. I thought this information and post by the LAPD cool, in that that it's highlighting the Los Angeles Metro system (think light rail and subway, yes LA has subways). Why drive when you can ride (which I'm doing as I write this... :)

I can't wait to see it when the Endeavor is in it's final, final home.

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