Tuesday, October 09, 2012

MarkedUp is to Windows 8, as Google Analytics is to...

Kevin Ashley - MarkedUp to Windows 8 apps is what Google Analytics is to Web sites

MarkedUp may become to Windows 8 apps what Google Analytics is to a large portion of the Web sites: an easy to add analytics solution that gives an insight developers need for their Windows 8 apps. I’d like to quote MarkedUp Web site to explain their solution goals in their own words:

MarkedUp is an analytic and logging service built from the ground up to support Windows 8 apps (also known as metro-style apps) in the WinRT environment. Designed to be usable across all of the supported WinRT language from JavaScript to C# to C++ the client SDK allows you to capture analytics and diagnostic logging no matter your preference in development language.

If you want a quick overview on how MarkedUp works and how to install it into your Windows 8 apps, check out our MarkedUp tutorial video.

Aaron Stannard, the Founder of MarkedUp spent a few minutes with me today, and walked me through a trivial process of adding analytics to my Card Games Chest app for Windows 8. Aaron was kind enough to offer all my readers a registration code for MarkedUp analytics. Please, feel free to use it and add MarkedUp to your apps:

MarkedUp registration code: [Click Through for the code]
MarkedUp registration url: https://markedup.com/account/register



Here's your chance to get in the MarkedUp bandwagon (and too see how easy it is to use...)


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