Monday, October 29, 2012

My //build/ Monday Schedule

Just a quick note about where you can find me this afternoon & evening (if you also happen to be there and all that... ;)

  • //build/ registration: 3pm to 4'ish
  • DXTREEME Party at //build/: 5 to 7'ish
  • Nokia & Windows Phone Team Dinner: 7:30 to 9'ish
  • Deep Fried Bytes //build/ party: 9 to 12'ish

If you're at any of these, say Hi! (Or ola or howdy or just buy me a beer... ;)

Al this social is going to either kill me or make me stronger (or both? :| )


That said, for everyone dealing with Sandy, my thoughts, fingers, eyes and legs are crossed for you...

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