Monday, October 15, 2012

RockScroll lives again, reincarnated as RockMargin

Visual Studio Gallery - RockMargin

"Reincarnation of famous RockScroll extension for Visual Studio 2012

In VS 2005/2008 days I've found the tool that makes code navigation easy and fast. Its was named RockScroll. Year after year I used it every day and addicted to this tool a lot. But then came era of VS2010 and my world crashed into pieces because RockScroll was never ported to new versions of Visual Studio. I tried loads of possible replacemens but haven't found any that could make me as happy as I was in ages of RockScroll. So as always happens with programmers I decided to write my own...

I haven’t tested RockMargin extensively yet so I hope you will help me stress test it. Please let me know about any found problems/bugs in the comments [GD: not the comments in this blog post but in the Q & A section for the Gallery item...]

Vertical scrollbar

This extension replaces Visual Studio vertical scrollbar with current text document overview that works as scrollbar at the same time. And there is the magic happens: on source files with up to few thousands of lines its really easy to navigate through your code using thumbnail view of our file.


  • Words highlighting
  • Bookmarks & Breakpoints
  • Comments highlighting
  • Outlining support
  • Split windows support
  • Customizable options
  • Performance/memory optimized



Here's a snap of v1.0.1 in one of my projects (for a project that really needs some MVVM treatment, I know, I know)...


BTW, hat's off to the dev. I reported an issue with v1.0.0 and they immediately jumped on it, repro'd, fixed and released v1.0.1.


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