Thursday, November 29, 2012

"The Lord of the Rings" - 90 Minutes, Lego style

freeware genius - Watch ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as a 90+ minute LEGO animated feature

The ‘Lord of The Rings’ epic is back, this time in LEGO form. You may be familiar with LEGO’s cutscene videos, which are little animated vignettes that are part of the commercial LEGO video games. Or are released as part of the marketing for the various series that LEGO puts out), from Indiana Jones (see this post) to Star Wars Clone Wars to everything else that makes it into LEGO.

But what if I told you that someone strung the LEGO ‘Lord of the Rings’ animated vignettes together to make a ‘Lord of The Rings’ animated feature that is more than 90 minutes long. It’s true, and you can watch it below.

Nice! Will have to watch this when I get to work (err... um... I mean... when I get home tonight.... um yeah... that). Just watching the first few minutes while on the train has me hooked. :)

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