Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Windows 8 is all consumer!! Ahhh...!!! [Nope, no it's not... There's a great deal for the Enterprise in 8 too]

Windows Enterprise Desktop - Windows 8 Enterprise Features

OK, so let’s assume that — just for grins — an enterprise might be willing to ask the question: “What’s in Windows 8 for my kind of business computing needs?” Michael Otney, a regular contributor to WindowsITPro, takes a stab at answering that question in his 11/21/2012 story entitled “Top 10: Windows 8 Enterprise Features.” Of these features, several carry over from Windows 7/Windows Server 2008, including DirectAccess, BranchCache, and AppLocker, with BitLocker having been introduced with Vista. One feature really isn’t a feature at all — it’s simply the existence of a Windows 8 Enterprise edition, aimed at that eponymous class of user or organization (an Enterprise edition also goes back to Vista and was available for Windows 7 as well).

So far, Win 8 Pro is more than enough for most of us…

Here’s a list of his features (sans the edition itself), in alphabetical order, that here include pointers to useful overview and tutorial information:



I love me my Windows 8. It just seems to work and really lights up when you use it on multiple machines (and/or a Surface). But I hear around the office, "Oh we'll never do Metro so we'll never do 8..." (sigh). Windows 8 is not just Metro (Modern UI/Microsoft Style Design/Whatever). It really is a better Windows 8. Heck for me the new Task Manager is the win. Let alone the other features (like being more SSD smart, etc). If you're an 8 h8tr, and haven't used it "for real" give it a honest try for a while. You'll find going back to 7 interesting (Interesting in how much you'll miss 8)

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