Monday, December 31, 2012

PowerSwitchUserTile - Creating a Switch User Windows 8 Tile with PowerShell

TechNet Script Gallery - Script to create a Windows 8 Switch User Tile for the Start menu (PowerShell)

This PowerShell Script shows how to create a Windows 8 Switch User tile for the Start menu.


Properly switching users in Windows 8 without a Start button can be a bit of a chore. Many users may want to switch users in just one click. This script enables users to click a tile to switch user on the Start menu.




One of the killer features for Windows 8 usage in our house is our being able to have one device that we can easily switch to our own logins (and syncs with our other Win8 devices). But it is a little bit of a pain to switch users, so I wanted to capture this for future reference and use.

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