Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tired of Office 2013 yelling at you? The ALL CAPS Ribbon names making you crazy? Here's a way to fix it (kind of)

Tweaking with Vishal - How to Get Rid of All Caps Tab Titles in Microsoft Office 2013 Ribbon?

The new Microsoft Office 2013 version comes with many new features along with a new minimal and clean UI inspired from Windows 8 Metro UI. Similar to previous Office versions, this new version also comes with Ribbon UI which has also been used in Windows 8 Explorer.

But there is one small thing which bothers a lot of Office 2013 users and mainly to those users who are using Office 2013 in Windows 8. This small thing is the use of ALL CAPS in tab titles of Office 2013 Ribbon UI. Microsoft has set the tab titles of Office 2013 Ribbon in uppercase which looks a little bit strange on first sight. Also if you use Office 2013 in Windows 8, you find it inconsistent because Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon shows the tab titles in title case (proper case).

I have received so many emails from several AskVG readers complaining about this annoying thing in Office 2013 but I couldn't help them because I didn't know any way to convert these all caps tab titles into proper case.




Clever. I never even thought of this simple means to address this. I spelunked the registry, etc. (i.e. looking for something like the VS2012 trick), etc. I didn't even think of doing it this way. Kind of a pain, but still.

BTW, I've stopped even trying or whining about the ALL CAPS and have just gotten used to it. It doesn't really take all that long...

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