Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Best Books for Public Speakers" round-up

Scott Berkun - The best books for public speakers

A feature of some of my books is a ranked bibliography. I review my research and rank the books that were most useful in order of usefulness. Here is the ranked bibliography from Confessions of a Public Speaker.

Popular recent books like Reynold’s Presentation Zen and Duarte’s Slideology didn’t rank high on this list even though I recommend those books often. The reason is both books focus on slide design which in my experience isn’t the primary place to start in helping speakers improve, which explains why I only spend a few pages in Confessions with advice on slides (Both book do make the list, just surface near the bottom). I also needed to cover a wide range of subjects in the book including history, anxiety, business, performance, neuroscience and teaching – books scored better in this list when I learned the most.

Ranked in order of number of notes I made while reading:


Since one day, when I grow up, I'd like to be public (and a speaker too) I wanted to grab Scott's list and add it to my "Yeah, you'll read these 'real soon now' list"...

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