Thursday, January 10, 2013

From Zero to 8... One dev's guide to getting going with Windows Phone 8 dev

Tanzim Saqib - Windows Phone 8 App Development Power Booster

I wrote a capsule size power booster that may help you to be an intermediate Windows Phone app developer from some knowledge of Visual Studio style solution development. After I have discovered a lot of demand, I decided to post it as an article instead of a pdf.

Assuming Reader’s Zero Idea About Windows Phone

Microsoft’s entrance to the smartphone market dates back to year 2000 with the debut of Pocket PC 2000, the original forefather of the Windows Mobile and great grandfather of Windows Phone. Unlike its forefathers, it is primarily aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market. Microsoft offers a new user interface with Windows Phone with its design language named Metro, integrates the operating system with third party and other Microsoft services, and controls the hardware it runs on. They also believe same software excellence can be delivered without selling a dedicated device, so Windows Phone is just a mobile operating system rather than a dedicated phone like iPhone.





A bunch of brain dump, "as he learned it he's sharing it" nuggets. We all do this (well I do anyway), move from one dev challenge to the next, accumulating snippets, sites, learning's, etc. Well Tanzim's taken a few minutes from his journey and shared his with us...

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