Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windows Store App's and Databases (the series)

Windows Store apps development support - Using database in Windows Store apps (I)


There are lots of discussions about using database in Windows Store apps in MSDN forum. These discussions mainly focus on the usage of SQL database. Based on this scenario, we developed a series of articles along with sample code and demos used to demonstrate how to access both local database and remote database.

This topic consists of four categories as below.

  1. Overview of main approaches to access database in Windows Store apps.
  2. How to access local database:
    1. How to use SQLite for Windows Runtime and how to use sqlite-net library to manipulate SQLite database.
    2. How to use Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) or known as JET APIs.
  3. How to use WCF to access database in Windows Store apps.
  4. How to access remote database.

First, we talk about how to access local database in Windows Store apps. SQLite would be a good choice.


I find it hard to envision an app that doesn't have some kind of data store. Oh sure, I can see simple app's, but anything that does anything over time or "remembers" something, has any kind of state has to store it somewhere. And when building Windows Store app's in this version of Windows, database access is a little v1'ish. So until it gets better (assuming it does?) this kind of information is going to be important to have (and keep for future reference).

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