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Windows Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) Labs. Nine short level 300+ labs and videos on Win OS internals

Microsoft Faculty Resource Center - Windows Operating System Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) – Labs for Windows

These labs are designed for the Windows 8 environment. Each lab contains a video file that walks through the content

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Publication Date:  12/01/2012

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Lab 1: Viewing Open Handles

In this laboratory you will learn how to observe what kind of resources are used by a process and its threads.

Lab 2: Task Manager’s Processes Pane

In this laboratory you will learn to understand the meaning of the Apps category of Task Manager’s Processes pane, its relation running processes and the differences to the Details pane.

Lab 3: Watching the Scheduler in Action

In this laboratory you will learn how to observe the effects of the Windows scheduler on the state of a thread.

Lab 4: Base Priority and Priority Boosts

In this laboratory you will learn how to observe the priority of a thread using the Performance Monitor utility. We will also change the base priority using the Task Manager.

Lab 5: Process Memory Information

In this laboratory you will learn how to inspect the effects of the Windows memory management from the process and the system level.

Lab 6: Introduction to Resource Monitor

In this lab we will briefly introduce the Resource Monitor application—a resource monitoring program that comes with Windows 8.

Lab 9: Viewing DLLs and Memory-Mapped Files

In this laboratory, you will learn how to inspect the list of DLLs and memory-mapped files of an application with Resource Monitor.

Looks like a bunch of cool level 300/400 lab's doesn't it? The lab's are pretty short, a few minutes each (which is prefect actually)





BTW, yes, I'm getting the Cert errors/warning/nags too...


Indra Bayu said...

Hi Greg!

I'm wondering if you know anything about the difference(s) of the schedulers of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Greg said...

No... sorry