Monday, February 04, 2013

ALM Readiness Treasure Map (The Windows Store app)

ALM Readiness Treasure Map


The ALM Readiness treasure map sample application provides a catalogue (treasure map) of the available ALM readiness content, guiding you through the process of becoming proficient in ALM practices for Visual Studio.


  • Provides a clear path through all of the materials to help you become an ALM expert!
  • Includes materials from the ALM Rangers, DPE, p&p, and others.
  • Arrrr!!!!!


Willy's Reflections - ALM Readiness treasure map - snap it the captain says

Last month we shipped the paper based ALM Readiness treasure map as mentioned in: ALM Readiness Treasure Map … arrrrrrrrr!
Today we released the Windows Store application that delivers the same treasure map and much more to your Surface or other Windows 8 device.

Snap it?

Our captain, Robert Bernstein, recently told his crew to “snap the treasure map”. Huh? Let’s start the application and investigate.




I thought this a cute and cool means of discovering and browsing all the awesome content the ALM Rangers deliver...

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