Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gaming up a story with the PowerPoint Game Design Storyboard Shapes...

Visual Studio Gallery - Storyboard Shapes - Game Design Shapes

"Use these shapes to visualize your game and then connect them to the Team Foundation Server

This is the first of a number of icons that you could use to design your games.  This is not intended to be used in place of your final graphics, but allows you to determine what graphics you need and to explain your work goals.

For connectors in Storyboarding, use the "shapes" and select a connector.  The Storyboard shapes do not normally have connectors. If you are used to using Visio that can be confusing.

This will aid in showing non-app devs what your plan of work is for your game.  This storyboard might be improved overtime since it needs improvement.


Storyboarding in PowerPoint/VS2012 has saved me untold hours of effort... There's just nothing like showing a user a near-app like view of what you THINK they are asking for (and getting back, "Oh no, not THAT! Now that I see it, I'd...")

Here's a snap of more of the shapes in this pack;


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