Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glima!... Gilma v3 is a .Net 4.0 update...

CodeProject - Gilma - GUI for the ILMerge Application Revised for .NET 4.0



I saw the beautiful interface made by Tomer Shalev on the SourceForce Web site and thought I could rewrite it in a self-contained way. The original Tomer Shalev's Gilma is a front-end application to ILMerge: Microsoft's command-line utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. ILMerge is freely available from Microsoft's Web site.
ILMerge's license does allow commercial usage.

In my implementation, the snapshot of which you can see in the image above, I have referenced the ILMerge executable directly in Visual Studio 2010.

Using the Code

The MSI file contained in the demo installs the application. .NET 4.0 Client profile and the 3.1 Installers are pre-requisites. In the source zip, the entire Visual Studio 201 project is contained.
The only thing to point out is the presence of the possibility to use a strong key in the preferred *.snk format to digitally sign the assembly.


I last blogged about Gilma five years ago (Gilma - GUI for ILMerge Branched for .Net 2.0). I guess it's okay to blog about it again, now... :)


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