Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Rap! The Surface Pro Rap, that is...

Go DevMENTAL - The Surface Pro Rap

"The Surface Pro was released on Saturday, enjoy this little rap inspired by the Surface Pro commercial below


The rap

(thanks MC Sean I warned you I would post it!)

To rock my business

I needed something fine

So I got a Surface Pro

To make my business shine

Running all my apps

In the modern UI

Jump into desktop mode

Business on the fly

Super sleek and light

Black as the night

Keyboard is the cover

Stand props just right


Full Desktop in the day

Keeping competition at bay

Win8 apps at night

Keeping friends real tight

It’s at the Microsoft Store

Or a retailer near you

Supplies running out fast

You best buy two


Come on... you know you want too (rap it, that is... and maybe buy one too, now that they are back in stock... :)

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