Friday, February 15, 2013

Kevin's Tips To Technology Presentation Perfection. Six tips for to help you toward Demo Mastery

Kevin E. Kline - Demo Mastery for the Technology Evangelist

In the same way that the finest presentations involve much more than the simple relaying of information, the finest software demos are much more than just presenting features.

REMEMBER: The goal of a demo is to INSPIRE the audience to use the software/technology, not to teach them every nuance of software/technology.

I’ve spent the last 10 years learning how to give good presentations and to give good software demonstrations. Here are several tips to take your software demonstration from informative to masterful:

1. Know your audience

2. Start, but only start, with an agenda

3. Skip the lengthy intro

4. Show what is pertinent

5. Don’t get sidelined

6. Hit the jackpot



One day, I might become a Developer/Technology Evangelist (officially... I already kind of am unofficially... just ask anyone I work with... lol) so I like gathering these kinds of tips and tricks.

The best part of sharing this? These tips can be applied to ANY presentation.

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