Friday, February 15, 2013

The HTML5 Quick Start For Greg's (err... Dummies... um... err... um.. for the HTML5 Challenged. Yeah. Them)

CodeProject - HTML5 Quick Start Web Application



I started learning more about HTML5 from December last year. Since it was new, talked about and had real good features, I got a jump start from the thought of using it in our upcoming projects and possibly giving a session on HTML5 to my team once I have some good insight on the same. While learning about the HTML5, I started developing a demo web application that was fully HTML5 based with all the new major features that we will be discussing in this article going ahead.

Once the thought of sharing the features in a quick and easy manner hit me, I tried to develop a HTML5 enabled ASP.NET application that would be self sufficient in explaining and showcasing the new HTML5 features - kind of self starter kit to see and play around with the feature implementation straight away post download.

Table of Contents



Being HTML5 "Challenged" (Man, I seem to say that about a bunch of things don't I? That's why I love my job and the tech space... so much to learn! That's also why I hate the tech space... so much to learn! lol ) I found this article a great read and tool to jump start my HTML5'ness... The best things are the diagrams/snaps/images. they really help demonstrate the point at hand...

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