Thursday, March 21, 2013

BUILD Lumia 920's Get Protico

WPCentral - Portico update finally available to Lumia 920s from BUILD

About 2000 people attended the //BUILD/ developer conference this past fall in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft attracted attendees from all over the globe in an event that sold out in less than an hour when tickets went on sale in August. You were given a Surface RT, Lumia 920, and 100GB of SkyDrive as part of your $1600+ registration fee. Unfortunately for folks with those Lumia 920’s, you haven’t had early or timely access for the Portico update. At least until today.

If you find yourself in possession of a Lumia 920 from Build, you can check for an update to get Portico on the device. ...

I know this is a limited audience kind of post, but hey, there's at least 2000 of you that might find this good news... :)

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