Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making a cloudy Windows Phone 8 Lockscreen with the Coding4Fun Lockscreen project

Coding4Fun Lockscreen

Coding4Fun Lockscreen is an application for Windows Phone 8 that is built around a ASP.NET and Azure Mobile Services infrastructure. It enables the user to have his lockscreen image cycle through a pre-defined set of custom images, or through a custom, self-created image set.


Follow these steps to try the project after the download:

  1. Download and install the Azure Mobile Services SDK
  2. In Coding4Fun.Lockscreen.Core, insert your personal AMS URL and key in the AuthConstants class
  3. Run the self-hosted web application (Coding4Fun.Lockscreen.Web) in order to create custom categories and add images.
  4. Run the Windows Phone 8 application in order to have the wallpapers cycled.


The one and only Dennis Delimarsky is at it again. Damn that guy makes me look lame (not that that's hard, but you know). He's just a coding maniac... :)


Besides being a Coding4Fun project (go C4F!) but I just thought this cool how it meshed with WAMS (Windows Azure Mobile Services)...

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