Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pre for free... Microsoft provides a promo code to get free premium services on PreApps.com

Edvangelism, a blog by Edwin Guarin - New Pre-Release Support for Windows App Developers

"As part of our initiatives to support the Windows developer community, we have collaborated with PreApps.com; the exclusive place to preview, rate, and test the best mobile apps coming soon. The site will help our developers market their Windows apps before release. PreApps helps developers improve their app’s chance of success through increased downloads, ranking, and overall quality.

Through the special relationship between Microsoft and PreApps, all Windows app developers will receive FREE premium services on PreApps.com in the “Feedback” section (a $24.99 value). Simply use the promo code “Windows01” in the checkout screen. The promo code expires April 11th. There is no credit card required to take advantage of this offer.



I've not used this service, but free is nice and I while $25 isn't big, every little bit counts and I dig that no credit card is required. Seems like a great offer for budding WinDevs...

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