Friday, April 19, 2013

Bye bye Kona code name... Hello "Prism for Windows Runtime"

Brian Noyes Blog - Kona is Dead, Long Live Prism!

If you have read my blog, seen me speak at conferences or user groups, or read some of my articles lately you might know I have been working with the Microsoft patterns & practices team on guidance for Windows Store Business apps. This guidance has been code named “Kona” up until recently, and I’ve posted and written articles on that in various places.

As the team was getting the guidance ready for release, they decided to rename it to “Prism for Windows Runtime”. The names have not all been updated on the Codeplex site or in the downloads yet, but the code has been refactored to the final namespaces and project names that it will ship with.

Specifically the guidance is called “Prism for Windows Runtime”, and it is guidance on building loosely coupled, maintainable, testable applications based on the MVVM pattern for WinRT, especially Line of Business or Business to Consumer applications.

The guidance contains:


If you want to learn more, be sure to check out my article series here, and keep an eye out for my Pluralsight Course that will be out in a month or so titled “Building Windows Store Business apps with Prism”.


Prism for Windows RT (fka Kona) - Prism for Windows Store apps Drop April 10, 2013


I'm happy about this name change... And glad to see Prism, even in a Windows Runtime world, continue to get some attention. Also, as Brian notes, the "Kona" code name is still there on the project. These things can take a bit to change


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