Wednesday, May 01, 2013

So long and thanks for all the ghosting... Ghost is dead...

404 TECH SUPPORT - Norton Ghost no longer haunts this realm

Norton Ghost has moved on to the next life after Symantec pulled the plug on the software. Symantec has discontinued selling Norton Ghost as of yesterday. Support for the product, however, will continue until June 30, 2014 via chat and the online knowledge base.

Symantec had the announcement posted to the Norton Ghost webpage. I used Ghost previously as Symantec Ghost. It certainly had a wide variety of uses but as time went on the problems and bugs encountered seemed to increase while its usefulness ...


An important update regarding Norton Ghost™

We’d like to share some important information with you, our valued Norton customer. As of April 30, 2013, Symantec will discontinue sales of Norton Ghost, but will continue to provide support via
chat and knowledge base through June 30, 2014.


This makes me a little sad. I've used Ghost since the late 90's and it has a special place in my heart that only a "save your butt" utility can have. Later versions were only so so and pretty diluted, but still... So long Ghost.

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