Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who needs an App Store when we now have a DevStore! Buy (and Sell) VS Extensions right from within VS

Visual Studio Gallery - DevStore (2012)

NOTE: This is the version for VS 2012. If you are looking for a VS 2010 compatible version, here it is.

An App Store for Visual Studio!

With access to free and paid extensions. Easily browse and purchase extensions online with a few clicks, just from within the Extension Manager:


As you can note above, there is also a Roaming tab, where you can have control of your previous downloads and purchases, from both, the Visual Studio Gallery and the DevStore. We use this a lot to easily sync between home and work laptops and setting up VPCs...

And of course we do also have a nice web where you can access the DevStore:

Are you a developer or shop offering extensions for Visual Studio? Please visit and register as a Developer to start selling your extensions today!


DevStore helps you supercharge your Visual Studio by providing access to free and paid extensions. You can now buy extensions without leaving Visual Studio. And publish and sell your own extensions too.

Yes, it's App Store time for Visual Studio!


I love the roaming concept. While I like free, free isn't free and sometimes it's even better to pitch in a few pennies to help support a given project. The DevStore looks like just that. And currently there doesn't look like "store" ISV prices for stuff, instead "App Store" like prices. $1.99, $2.99, etc. Now if only there as a RSS feed so I could easily see new stuff as its added to the DevStore...Still it's in beta, so there's still hope :)

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