Friday, June 14, 2013

"The Essential HTML5 Mobile" DZone Refcardz Cheat Sheet (reg-ware)

DZone - Refcardz - 186: HTML5 Mobile Development

The Essential HTML5 Mobile Cheat Sheet

This Refcard is intended to bring you up to speed, and help you jump head-first into mobile HTML5 development. The card first covers the most important HTML5 mobile technologies, including key variations by platform and device, then offers a cream-of-the-crop selection from the vast ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and communities that have sprung up to support mobile HTML5 development. The card assumes basic knowledge of core web development technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS).


I still think this whole web thing is a fad, let alone mobile web... Oh wait, it's the whole native phone app thing that's a fad, yeah, that's it! (We can only hope ;) If you think this too, then this checsheet might come in handy for you...

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