Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader... Need an alternate app? Here's an ultimate alternate list, by AlternativeTo (GReader)

AlternativeTo - Google Reader shuts down, but we have the alternatives!

Since you visit the AlternativeTo blog the chances are great that you’re one of the many people around the world that use an RSS-client powered by Google Reader to follow news, blogs and other types of web content. You probably already know that Google Reader is shutting down in just a few days. July 1 is getting closer very fast and it’s time to move on.

On AlternativeTo you can find loads of great alternatives and even though we all have different needs and taste there should be something there to make everyone happy. The most popular service right now according to our users is Feedly but a good idea is to have a look at the full list of alternatives and make up your own mind. Remember to click the like button on the alternative you like the most!


AlternativeTo - Google Reader (GReader)



I've been using NewsBlur (Premium) for the last month and am pretty happy with it. It's a one man show, but a pretty good show at that... even with big names now in the game, Digg, AOL, I still expect both a continued explosion of alternates and a later die-off and consolidation.

How to track all these alternates? AlternativeTo of course!


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