Friday, June 07, 2013

Windows 8 Mail Tip - Pin Email accounts so you see what's new in what at a glance...

Rohit's Tech WorldWindows 8: Pin Individual Email Account to Start Screen

We have seen that the mail application comes as a default application in Windows 8.  In the mail application, you will be able to add several Mail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail, etc. However, When u open the mail application, you get to see only one mail accounts. You can also check other mail accounts by selecting the configured mail accounts in the bottom left of the app. Do you know that you can create a separate client for each of the mail account. Let’s see how can we do this:


Sometimes you want a single, unified mailbox view, but sometimes you want to know only if you get mail in a specific account.

Personally I didn't like the unified view. I want to see, at a glance, which box has how many new messages (i.e. "can I ignore it or not at" at a glance). This is how Windows Phone 8 works and I love it. I missed it on Windows 8. That is until I saw this tip.

Here's my screen and now I'm a happier camper... :)


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