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“Productivity Hub SP1” = Office 2007/2010 Module of training and doc's for SharePoint 2010 (Think Plug in Module, Play lots of Training)

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - DOWNLOAD: “Productivity Hub SP1” – Installable Training Module for SharePoint Server 2010

The “Productivity Hub” is a free, downloadable module that plugs into SharePoint Server 2010. (Note: There’s also a version that plugs into SharePoint Server 2007) 

It is essentially a massive 2GB+ self-service training web site that provides end users with a place to review training & quick reference content for each of the major Office & Windows products – including Windows 7 & Internet Explorer 9.  It provides video training, documentation, as well as Q&A areas featuring “coaches” that a company can designate within your org to help other people. 

What makes it unique is that the site is completely extensible by mere mortals.  Customers that use Productivity Hub can create new areas for, say, Adobe Acrobat… or Box… or whatever 3rd party application you’d like to provide self-services support for, and publish your own documentation, videos, etc.

There is a demo site for you to peruse to see what the Productivity Hub looks like on your own.  The location of where to download all the content packages for Productivity Hub are also listed below:...

Productivity Hub 2010 SP1

Version: 2010 SP1

Date Published: 3/18/2013

ContentPack2010SP1-1.exe, 460.0 MB
ContentPack2010SP1-2.exe, 441.4 MB
ContentPack2010SP1-3.exe, 470.4 MB
ContentPack2010SP1-4.exe, 718.8 MB
CoreInstall2010SP1.exe, 14.0 MB

Microsoft has developed the Productivity Hub to help support your ongoing end user training efforts.

The Hub is a SharePoint Server site collection that serves as a learning community and is fully customizable. It provides a central place for your training efforts, and includes training content from Microsoft’s core products. Microsoft also provides ongoing and updated content packs.

The Hub uses SharePoint Server’s social networking capabilities, such as blogs and discussion groups. In addition, it offers the Coach program, a change management feature to help you train end users to self-help, reducing the burden on your training and IT staff. The Coach program impacts productivity in a collaborative and positive way.

The 2010 SP1 version of the Productivity Hub includes a quiz feature, a section called ‘Get it Done’ that offers training for tasks such as email management and collaboration, and also features Silverlight. However, instructions are also provided to use non-Silverlight web parts, if needed.

What the Productivity Hub is:

  • Format: Pre-loaded SharePoint site collection, optimized for Web 2.0 functionality and easily deployed within SharePoint 2010 SP1 environment
  • Content: Convenient end user productivity training in a variety of formats (documents, videos, podcasts, etc.). Receive free periodic updates of content that you will learn about through the Productivity blog.
  • Blog: The Productivity blog offers tips and tricks for end user productivity. Use it as is, or your training staff can use the posts as their own to help them get started in running an internal blog.
  • Train the trainer: Includes IT/Manager section to aid with deployment of the site collection, and guidance to develop the Coach program
  • Products: Office (2007 & 2010), SharePoint (2007 & 2010), Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, Project (2007 & 2010), Visio (2007 & 2010), Publisher (2007 & 2010), Live Meeting 2007, Communicator 2007, Groove 2007 and Lync 2010 You can also download additional content packages that expand the training materials you can make available through the Hub.



One set of downloads, bunches of training free training for your users. I mean, come on, it's free and will make you a training doc's hero! Your users will throw flowers in front of you as you walk by, name their first born after you... okay, okay, maybe I exaggerate a little :)

Anyway, Keeping my eyes open for the Office 2013 version...


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