Tuesday, July 02, 2013

SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 Released (BTW, if you're on an older SSMS, you can use this free...)

I want some Moore - SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features.

New website
Nice, isn't it? Cleaner, simpler, better looking and more modern.
If you have any suggestions for further improvements I'd be glad to hear them.

Simpler licensing
With SSMS tools Pack 2.7 the licensing is finally where it should be.
It is now based on the activate/deactivate model.
This way you can move a license from machine to machine with simple deactivation on one and
reactivation on another machine. Much better, no?
Because of very good feedback I have added an option for 6 machines and lowered the 4 machines option to 3 machines.
This should make it much simpler for you to choose the right option for yourself.

Improved features
Version 2.5.3 was already extremely stable and 2.7 continues with that tradition.
Because of that I could fully focus on features and why 3.0 will rock even more that 2.7! ;)
In version 2.7 I have addressed quite a few improvements you were requesting for a while now.

  • SQL History ...
  • SQL Snippets ...
  • Run script on multiple databases ...
  • Search through grid results ...
  • CRUD generator ...

SSMS Tools Pack

SSMS Tools Pack is a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in.
It can be used with SSMS versions 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012.

Licensing only applies to SSMS 2012 and higher versions.
For previous SSMS versions the SSMS Tools Pack is still FREE.

SSMS Tools Pack - Features

Lots of cool things and if you're not yet on the latest and greatest SSMS, the price is hard to beat. Heck even if you are on the latest and greatest it's a pretty good price... :)


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