Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Channel 9 Windows Phone 8 App (Beta) now available... If you 8, you'll want 9...

Duncan Mackenzie - Channel 9 has a Windows Phone 8 app coming…

And it is available in beta now, please check it out and let me know what you think.

So, here you go, if you have a Windows Phone 8 and have any interest in Channel 9 type content:

Just using the app generates telemetry that is useful, but please reply with any direct feedback you have to me and I’ll consolidate.

If you have a Channel 9 account, you can swipe over to the panel marked “More”, pick Settings and sign into your account. This will let you rate videos and add them to your Queue, but otherwise the app is fully functional without signing in.

This is a beta, and we know some features and stability is still missing, so don’t be surprised if you hit a few issues. And if it crashes, we get that data, so your pain is our gain!

Note that we’ve decided to have the wonderful folks at HiddenPineapple publish this Beta as its own app, which means that when we release a final version (which will be a 1st party app, after the code has been transitioned to my team) you won’t be auto-updated…. sorry about that!

Channel 9 (Beta)

Channel 9 provides a way to browse and view videos on a variety of developer and consumer topics from the web site


Cool app for browsing Channel 9, blogs, shows, events and more. It's not just a video browser but entire site browser... The About/OSS page is an interesting view of tech used. MVVM Light Toolkit, HTML Agility Pack (FTW! ;), sqlite-net-wp8, and more.

Now what I'm waiting on is the behind the scenes story of the code and its construction (once Duncan's team gets the code and drives toward v1)

Note: This is BETA. There are bugs in it (for example, it won't launch if you disable the background processing for the app), but it's still a pretty neat app

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