Monday, November 04, 2013

"" is you're, well, Hackathon in a Box and guide (I know, imagine that!)

Hackathon in a Box

Time to start thinking inside the box

Are you looking to run your first hackathon? Need help getting started? Socrata and API Evangelist are here to help. We're bundling together all the resources you'll need into one great package.

In addition, all the resources on this website are licensed under Creative Commons, so you can fork them on GitHub to help improve them for the community!



The Hackathon Guide

Feeling a bit in over your head? Not sure where to start? Don't worry. There are a few simple steps that can make your event a success.

This guide is split up into different sections. Feel free to skip ahead, but we suggest starting at the beginning

Sure, this is a means for Socrata to get their name out and have people play with their stuff, but that doesn't mean this resource isn't valuable...

(via Joelcitizen - Hackathon In-A-Box)

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