Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Visual Studio Add-In of the Day: File Nesting Extension

Introducing File Nesting extension for Visual Studio


Download the extension: File Nesting on the VS Gallery

Source code: https://github.com/madskristensen/FileNesting

Visual Studio Gallery - File Nesting

File Nesting for Visual Studio makes it easy to nest any file under another file in Solution Explorer. You can both nest and un-nest any file with ease.


File Nesting also gives you the option to automatically nest based on file naming rules. You can then apply those rules to any files, folders or entire projects. Here's a screenshot of that:


File Nesting has these features:

  1. Manually nest files
  2. Manually un-nest files
  3. Auto-nesting based on naming conventions
  4. Option to enable auto-nesting when files are added or renamed
  5. Options to specify which naming conventions to apply

While you can do this manually, doing it more than a few times would make your brain explode. It's awesome see how Mads has wrapped this up into such an easy to use package. And the source is available too... Mads, you're making us normal humans look bad. :P

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