Monday, February 17, 2014

Is it .Net? .net? .NET? ASP.NET? Dan's Microsoft Grammar Guide to the rescue...

Dan Fernandez's Blog - Correcting Grammar for Microsoft Products and Technology

I see book authors, editors, bloggers, press, team members, and occasionally even a VP misspell our products, technologies, and features that I thought I would build and maintain a list of the correct capitalization and spelling of the most commonly misspelled Microsoft products and technologies.

Sources: Internal site (brandtools) and the Microsoft Trademarks Web site.


I was gently reminded today (Thanks Brian) that it's .NET, not .Net. I always seem to screw that up. Luckily Brain also directed me to this post by Dan that makes it so easy that even I can use it. (Damn, does that mean I don't have any more excuses? grrrr... ;)

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