Thursday, February 06, 2014

JSON Debugger Visualizer coming in VS 2013 Update 2

Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management - JSON Debugger Visualizer in Visual Studio 2013

We are proud to announce the addition of JSON Visualizer to Visual Studio debugger in the Update 2 for Visual Studio 2013. JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a popular format for transmitting data between server and client applications. The new debugger string visualizer displays JSON encoded strings in a treeview control and allows meaningful user interaction like search and highlight, copy key value pairs and copy path.

Getting to the JSON Visualizer

The new JSON visualizer will appear alongside other string visualizers currently available in Visual Studio. These visualizers are accessible through the various places where you can inspect variables, e.g. magnifying glass icon in a DataTip, in a debugger variables window (Autos, Locals, or Watch), or in a QuickWatch dialog box.




Nice! This is going to come in real handy...


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