Friday, February 28, 2014

OpenNI Closing

I Programmer - OpenNI to Close

The OpenNI website, home to a widely used framework for 3D sensing, will be shutdown in April. Fortunately the code will continue to be available via GitHub.


Now we know the bad news. The OpenNI site is to close on April 23, 2014 and software downloads will not be available after this date.

After Apple acquired PrimeSense, its website quickly shut, but the Developers link still points to Open NI:


The status of OpenNI is a not-for-profit whose framework allows developers to create middleware and applications for a range of devices, including the Asus Xtion Pro. It claims to be a widely used community with over 100,000 active 3D developers.

Surely that, together with the "open" nature of its software could have  guaranteed it a longer future?

It seems not.

A thread on the Future of OpenNI reports that ...


More Information


OpenNI on Github

Wow. There was a good deal of thought leadership coming from those using OpenNI. It's a damn shame to see it essentially going away... But since the source will continue to be available there's still hope.

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