Friday, February 28, 2014

Dan's @ it again with @XamarinAppDev and - Announcing and @XamarinAppDev

Some of you may have noticed that I silently launched a new link blog and Twitter account on Monday. Today I'm formally announcing both: Say hello to and @XamarinAppDev!


I've been working on a very large native cross platform application for a client that runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Store, leveraging the Xamarin tools. A natural extension of that process has been searching for news and content about what is going on in the Xamarin developer community.

So following in the footsteps of and @WindowsAppDev, my hope is that the new site and and Twitter feed will be a valuable resource for the Xamarin community.


So you've heard my total and complete Build WAG (Wild Ass Guess) is? That on Day One they announce MS's is buying Xamarin. We'll see... (okay, maybe it will be Day Two... or not at all... lol)

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