Friday, March 14, 2014

Saul, Jesse and Hank [Yes, as in Breaking Bad] LEGO Figurines

This is why I am Broke - Breaking Bad LEGO Figurines

Keep your make believe drug empire running smoothly with help from the Breaking Bad LEGO figurines. These three key players will make sure you’re covered on all sides – from legal, to distribution, to evading the feds – so you can concentrate on making some primo product.

Breaking Bad LEGO Figurines

... - Albuquerque Action Squad


From out of the New Mexico sunset rides a new group of heroes – the Albuquerque Action Squad! Build your drug toy empire with Citizen Brick!

Three premium printed minifigs and accessories to populate your chemistry lab, RV camper, or even remote cabin hideout!


Having just powered through all five seasons in three weekends, this jumped out at me. Still this is just a little too much (in cost) even for me... But a boy can dream :)

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