Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Time Sensitive] Automagically locking your PC is just a key fob away with GateKeeper (GK-Chain). Only a few hours left!

KickStarter - GateKeeper

Multipurpose Bluetooth Smart proximity tag - never leave your phone/keys behind, keep track of valuables, or auto lock computer.

Many features, 1 device, and useful to everyone. A versatile Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tracker that performs item loss prevention, item locating, auto locks and unlocks your Mac or PC. Syncs with our Android app for even more functionality (and iOS iPhone if we reach our stretch goal). The GateKeeper (GK-Chain) is just the start of an amazing proximity technology product.



What's the problem?

- "$30 billion worth of phones lost in the U.S. every year"

- "Coffee shops, offices, bars and restaurants top the list as the most common venues to lose your phone in the U.S."

- "...people typically lose up to 9 items per day, which calculates to 198,743 in a lifetime!"

- "...according to Boston Marketing firm, the average American burns 55 minutes a day looking for things they know they own but cannot find. That adds up to a total of almost 14 days a year people spend just trying to find lost things."

Our reply:

  • Never lose or leave your phone, keys, or valuables behind EVER again
  • Save time by automatically locking and/or unlocking your computer
  • Increase security with 2-factor authentication


Application Scenarios:

Track Your Valuables: Purses, pets, luggage, phone - you'll be alerted when you move too far from your GK-Chain.

Parents: Can warn you if your children go out of range.

Teachers: Consistently lock your PC to prevent students from accessing it.

Health Professionals: Unlock computers automatically so that you can attend to patients.

Office: Keep co-workers or visitors from accessing your computer when you're gone.

Dorms: Don't let your friends change your Facebook status again. Ever.

Home: Protect your PC from siblings or children downloading unwanted programs.

Coffee Shop: Outside with your laptop? Ensure your privacy.


Instead of typing in your password every time, the GK-Chain unlocks your computer when you approach, and locks when you leave. Or, if you want additional security, you can set the GK-Chain to actually require the key and the password.

The GK-Chains also serve as Bluetooth 4.0 trackers. Using our free companion app, you can find your GK-Chain with a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. This way, you'll have a little more help finding your lost keys, wallet, bag, even your luggage at the airport. The GK-Chain app will alert you when your bag is at hand.


This is something I've wanted for forever. I hate uber tight timeframes to auto lock my PC and I hate it when I forget to lock my PC when I walk away from it (which only happens once a month [my forgetting to lock it ;] I've wanted to use my camera or phone, badge or something to automagically lock and unlock my PC...

So backing this was a no brainer... :)

I hope they make the 40K goal so the WinPhone support achievement is unlocked. lol

(via technabob - GateKeeper Locks Your PC Automatically, Perfect for the Lazy and Security Conscious)

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