Thursday, April 24, 2014

Andy Warhol Amiga Love... Lost art retrieved from Amiga Floppy disks

ars technica - Lost Warhol works uncovered from old Amiga floppy disks


A collection of Warhol works were uncovered in March on a set of old Amiga floppy disks, according to a press release by the Studio for Creative Inquiry (via BoingBoing). The files were eased off of the disks with help from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club, a collective that specializes in dealing with old computer hardware.

The works were obtained from hardware that was sitting dormant in the Warhol Museum, including "two Amiga 1000 computers in pristine condition," an "early drawing tablet," and "a large collection of floppy diskettes comprised of mostly commercial software."

The fact that the floppy disks contained commercial software as opposed to saved works initially disappointed the team. However, they soon discovered some original and signed works on a GRAPHICRAFT floppy after using a Kickstart ROM to boot the emulator.


A fuller description of the technical process is available in PDF form, and a documentary film about the project will screen at the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Pittsburgh on May 10.

Awesome Amiga news. Amiga lives! :)

This also kind of relates to my day job in the eDiscovery world, as every so often we have to deal with stuff kind of like this. I remember trying to hunt down a  5 1/4 drive so we could try to read some real floppies... lol

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