Thursday, July 17, 2014

OneNote for * (in this case, the Podcaster)

Office Blogs - Podcasting with OneNote

I’ve been podcasting for nearly six years and recorded over 200 episodes. Along the way, I’ve gone through dozens of equipment configurations, including different microphones, PCs, and recording software. But one thing has remained the same since the beginning: OneNote. My fellow hosts and I rely heavily on OneNote, thanks to its sharing and real-time collaboration features.


Before you can start recording, someone has to actually write the show notes. One of my favorite little-known features in OneNote 2013 is the ability to set a default template for the section [GD: Emphasis added]. Since each episode of the show follows the same basic format, we created a template for the outline with placeholders for the stuff that changes, such as the episode title, the name of our guest, and of course the announcements and discussion topics. The default template is stored in the notebook, so it’s automatically applied to any page we create in the section, regardless of which client we’re on. This saves us from having to rewrite everything from scratch or delete information from older episodes.

Of course, we use OneNote for more than just the show notes. The podcast notebook contains everything from guest lists, episode schedules, and brainstorming to a full-fledged guide to podcasting with tips, how-tos, and best practices.


[Insert "damn, I seem to feel dumber every day" snip here]. I've been using the Copy-n-Paste method for my OneNote "template" pages for forever. This default template feature is now my favorite OneNote feature of the day.

Took me a bit to find it though...

Insert Tab, Page Templates


This opens the Template pane


To set the default template for new pages for the given section


To create the my templates, I used the "Save current page as a template" (yeah, I know, imagine that). And yes, each section in each Notebook can have their own and different templates.

My OneNote Story...

I've been using OneNote to help me manage my Coding4Fun Blog, Kinect Gallery, This Week on Channel 9 cast and RadioTFS now for years and couldn't be happier.

When the team gathers via Skype for RadioTFS, we all open the RadioTFS Notebook, hack show page with the possible stories (which I've been gathering for the past weeks), pick the stores for the show, organize who's taking what story,  etc. all interactively (but yeah, sometimes we do step on each other, in short, don't edit the same line at the same time, OneNote will whine at the next sync). After the show, we then gather the show notes from it too.

I know other casters use OneNote too (like TWiT's Windows Weekly, etc.). It really is an under appreciated by the masses Office app. If you're not OneNoting, you are missing out (i.e. Once you OneNote you never go back... ;)

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