Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why does CTRL-F in Outlook Forward and not Find?

The Old New Thing - Why does Outlook map Ctrl+F to Forward instead of Find, like all right-thinking programs?

It's a widespread convention that the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut initiates a Find operation. Word does it, Excel does it, Wordpad does it, Notepad does it, Internet Explorer does it. But Outlook doesn't. Why doesn't Outlook get with the program?

Rewind to 1995.

The mail team was hard at work on their mail client, known as Exchange...

And then a bug report came in from a beta tester who wanted Ctrl+F to forward ...

That beta tester was.. [Click through I don't want to steal all his thunder... sorry ;]

So now I know who to blame! Man, I hate that CTRL-F doesn't Find in the main Outlook shell. Boy, if I ever chat with him (LMAO, Like THAT'S ever going to happen... lol)

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