Monday, August 18, 2014

Firing up a blog post with the browser based ScribeFire blogging tool

What's on my PC - ScribeFire – A Browser Based Blogging Editor


After many hours of research and trying all of the advice and procedures out there, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 would not install. I actually could write an article just on that topic. I finally came to the realization that Microsoft Live Writer is now Microsoft Dead Writer and figured, “if Microsoft was serious about keeping Microsoft Live Writer alive, they would not require us to jump through hoops just to install it on a new operating system”.  At this point, I started to look around for another blogging editor and discovered that there are quite a few out there; but, what caught my attention is that most of these editors have not been updated in several years. Is this a sign that blogging is going to the wayside???

What I did come across, that I believe is going work for me, is a blogging editor that is actually a browser extension, called ScribeFire. As a matter of fact, this article is my first using ScribeFire. I like the idea that I can draft an article in my browser and that the extension is available for different browsing platforms (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari browser). In my case I use Google Chrome; therefore, I installed ScribeFire from the Chrome Web Store. The initial setup was very, very easy (and fast). After entering my login credentials for WordPress my recent posts, categories, tags, etc.…; all fell into place.


With ScribeFire you can post to blogs from WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga, LiveJournal, or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. From what I can see so far, everything I need to draft and post a blog article is there. You can edit and update existing posts. You can schedule posts for the future (if your blog allows that). You can delete posts. You can save drafts. You can tag and categorize. You can upload images. You can edit visually, or you can use HTML or Markdown. You can post to multiple blogs at once. My biggest obstacle, right now is learning to navigate around.

If you decide you want to save your article as a draft, simply click on “Save Progress”; then go to WordPress to put on the final touches using the WordPress editor OR if you want, click on “Publish Post” and the post will be immediately published.


While I love my Windows Live Writer (I'm using it to write this) I am worried about its future and it's really starting to show its age. There's hope that it has a future, but at this point it's a hope only... (A New [WLW] Hope... This is the blogging app you've been looking for... Well, we can only hope ;)

ScribeFire looks pretty interesting and looks like a nice temp stand-in. There's no add-ins, which for me is one of the killer WLW features, but it's quick, free (ad supported), fast, web/browser based and seemed to work well (I used it to quickly edit a post and in that case, it was faster and easier than WLW ;)


While we all hope WLW has a future, until we hear there is, it's time to keep our eyes open for a replacement... :(

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