Monday, February 02, 2015

Cool eBook of the Day: "The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET"

Telerik - Free eBook--The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET

It’s 2015, and there have been a lot of changes in the Microsoft landscape with .NET. As you kick-start the New Year, you may be wondering how to catch up with all of these changes and announcements, quickly and easily. You could read countless blogs, watch videos and scour the Internet. Or, simply read an eBook, which tells you everything.

I’m pleased to announce the “The Developer’s Guide to the new .NET” eBook is now available for download for FREE. Authored by myself and Sam Basu (both Microsoft MVPs), we’ve created a no-fluff developer-to-developer breakdown of what’s coming to .NET in 2015. The future of .NET looks awesome, and you’ll be glad to be a part of this.


In this eBook, we’ll take a look at:

  • .NET Goes Open Source: What does that mean to you as a .NET developer?
  • Windows 10: What we know so far and why it matters to you as a .NET developer?
  • Visual Studio 2015: Includes several tips and tricks to get you up to speed FAST!
  • C# 6.0: We’ll take a look at code snippets that show you exactly what features you may want to take advantage of in your next app.
  • Roslyn: Can I do more than create my own compiler? What else can I do with it?
  • .NET on a Mac: Are you serious? We’ll take a look at how native .NET development is a reality on a Mac.
  • Resources and additional information: We’ll talk about how the future is very bright for .NET developer and how using the Telerik Stack can further enhance productivity.

The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET [Download page]

This ebook is no fluff–just a developer-to-developer breakdown of what’s in store for .NET in 2015. Included are code snippets and step-by-step tutorials on handy new features and techniques.


Download for free, and learn more about:

  • Visual Studio 2015
  • .NET core goes open source
  • Cross platform development with .NET
  • C# 6.0
  • Roslyn
  • Windows 10

Michael Crump, the man, the myth, the legend in his own [time|mind], shares this new free (reg-ware) eBook from Telerik, which is very manager-safe (i.e. formatted like a PowerPoint deck, lots of pictures, etc.. oh... wait... did I really say that out loud? yeah) view of the coming new .NET world.

Kidding aside, this format is great for those who want to get the higher level view of what's coming in the new .NET. Those co-workers who are not info-hounds like you, the dev's who just want the highlights, etc. It's only 47 pages and really is a nice, quick and informative read. And did I say it was free? :)



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