Thursday, December 17, 2015

“Fixing” Windows Live Writer’s NotFound - Open Live Writer…

TLDR; Windows Live Writer Blogger user? Go get Open Live Writer 

Are you a Windows Live Writer user with a Blogger blog?

Tried to post recently?

Then you’ve seen this;
Windows Live Writer
Blogger returned the following error:

NotFound: Not Found

Windows Live Writer (WLW) used an old authentication API AND old Blogger API. Google has been wanting to deactivate both for a while now, but kept them available for Windows Live Writer users.

With last week’s release of Open Live Writer (OLW), the open source fork of Windows Live Writer, Google killed both.

The problem is is that OLW wasn’t/isn’t done. On day one, it was v0.5.0.0, i.e. a preview or early release. And that version wasn’t yet ready with Blogger support. So in short, we were kind of between a rock and a hard case… :/

Then… Showing the power of open source, dev’s stepped up and added initial Blogger support to OLW. If you download the latest version (which is SO nice and fast to install now), v0.5.1.2, you get Blogger support. Woot!

Matter of fact, I’m using it now to write this post Smile

That said, there’s still work to be done, like adding full label support, etc. What’s awesome is you can watch and contribute to the project now! It’s all open and on GitHub (for the record, I’m actually the latest code, compiled and run from within Visual Studio ;)

If you’re a Blogger blogger and used to love Windows Live. Writer, there’s hope for you! Check out Open Live Writer… now…


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