Friday, February 04, 2005

MS SQL Server to FireBird migration

The Code Project - MS SQL Server to FireBird migration. That's a Pain! - C# Database

"Recently I read article Embedded Firebird at Code Project and decided to try FireBird. I like the idea of embedded database. FireBird allows .Net developer to put a dll into bin directory, create database file and use usual database access. It sounds very attractive and simple. In theory. So I decided to migrate from SQL Server to FireBird.


This article covers some lessons learned when migrating an app (and experience) from MS SQL to Firebird.

Through I don't necessarily agree with conclusion of the article's author (i.e. um.. of course it's not plug and play... it's a totally different DB engine. Of course there will be things you are not used to, that work different, etc...) it still contains some good info...

If I play with FireBird like I talked about here, then this info might come in handy.

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