Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Perfect PDC Conference Guide? Signpost 2007

Backstage at MED - A Wickedly Cool Conference Application

"We've been working on an application for a few months now that a lot of you have asked for when attending Microsoft Technical Conferences. The most common request is the ability to have a conference guide on your Windows Mobile device that saves you time and hassle of having to carry around a cumbersome printed conference guide and flipping through it to look for sessions and room locations.

So working with Daniel Wagner & Dr. Dieter Schmalstieg, researchers from the Graz Institute of Technology in Vienna, we've created Signpost 2007.


Backstage at MEDVideo about Signpost at MEDC 2007

"Daniel and I got podcasted today at MEDC 2007 and were asked to talk about Signpost 2007. checkout the video here: [here]"

I want this for PDC 2007...

But then that means I'll FINALLY need to get a smartphone... Well it will be for "work" so I should be able to sell it to my CHO [Chief Household Officer... i.e. my wife] ;)

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